live recording from hundred years gallery performance

below is a live recording of the slate pipe banjo draggers improvised tape performance at the hundred years gallery as part of the changes exhibition. this performance is occasionally known as the literal descriptive cassette set, it was taken straight from the mixing desk and mixed with a zoom recorder room recording. mixed and mastered using ableton live. many thanks to graham mackeachan for the room recording.


film screenings as part of changes exhibition @hundred years gallery

three short films have been selected as part of the changes exhibition at hundred years gallery. hippo birdwings, eagle wing bean cake and goat foot egg grenades will all be shown from 7pm on 13th june, along with film work by other artists in the exhibition, carolin koss, joel morrison and monika tobel.

full details are here and here


manacled baxxen new collaborative work

a new collection of sounds is now available from the manacled baxxen project, the three way collaboration with Manchester’s david bez and lord mongo.

you can listen to it here or go to bandcamp. it is available as pay what you like digital edition

live recording from linear obsessional performance

below is a live recording straight from the mixing desk of the slate pipe banjo draggers improvised tape performance at the linear obsessional event at lewisham arts cafe on 14th april 2019



Slate pipe banjo draggers improvised cassette performance @ Linear Obsessional.

The slate pipe banjo draggers will be performing the improvised solo cassette set as part of the Linear Obsessional event at Lewisham Arts cafe this coming Sunday 14th April from 4pm. Further details are on the Facebook events page here.  Come down.


eye songs 2019 – slate pipe banjo draggers new music

Eye Songs is the culmination of two years of sound experimentation and features guest vocal contributions from four people. There is also prominent use of berimbau within the album, sourced from a trip to Brazil in late 2018.

This release is available digitally and can be streamed and downloaded below and on the music page.

The cassette version of this new work is recorded onto found and reclaimed compact cassettes, recorded over and presented as this new album.

The plastic cassette cases are also reclaimed and are randomly sized and coloured, depending on their original source. In some instances double sized reclaimed cassette boxes are used.


slate pipe banjo draggers improvised cassette performance

The slate pipe banjo draggers will be performing a full improvised set using a large selection of compact cassettes, mini and micro cassettes and dictaphones with found and prepared tapes as part of the Sonic Electronics night at The Others on Wed 6th March. Also performing will be Sowari Modular, Rare Form and Laura Netz.


slate pipe banjo draggers @ sonic electronics

A selection of previously recorded cassette improvisations can be browsed through via Soundcloud below.



berimbau improvisations

The slate pipe banjo draggers project is currently using a berimbau as a sound source for various improvisations. this was obtained during a recent visit to Sao Paulo state in Brazil. It is anticipated that this instrument will be used in live performances in the new year. A selection of recent improvisations can be listened to from the soundcloud playlist below. The music was made using the berimbau in conjunction with Ableton Live, a Softstep 2 foot controller and a Launch Control XL midi controller



recent occasions of note

Below are a selection of images of recent performances by the slate pipe banjo draggers, both solo and in collaboration with MowgliVJ. Click on each image for more information, yes


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found founds – 1998 microcassette remasters

found founds  is a new slate pipe banjo draggers release of recently discovered old original material in the form of a coincidentally found microcassette subsequently remastered after residing in an attic for twenty years. it is in the form of a singular one tape edition for buying or free digital edition for nothings or pay what you like.