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full performance footage from test card manchester

watch and listen below to the full performance of mariskao by mowgli and the slate pipe banjo draggers live at the november edition of test card at Texture, Manchester.  all footage edited and mastered by mowgli, yes    

slate pipe banjo draggers new album with limited edition cassette

the slate pipe banjo draggers have released a new collection of music and sounds which is a culmination of sounds collected and manipulated over the last three years. it is called sedimenters and can be listened to on the music page. it can be streamed for free, can be bought digitally for five quids or […]

prime bolus live footage

some live footage of prime bolus mritrusion from the london is dead event organised by vjlondon at the dissenters chapel can be viewed in a video report below, along with footage from the other artists. film by luigi rizzo, many thanks    

cow foot and snail new recordings

a new collaborative album of recordings by the cow foot and snail project has recently been completed. the album is called harvests and can be listened to below and also on the collaborations page   harvests by cow foot and snail    

london is dead prime bolus performance

the slate pipe banjo draggers with mowgli will be performing prime bolus music mritrusion on the 22nd october at the dissenter’s gallery in kensal green cemetery. this set was previously performed at LPM rome in 2012 and has now been updated to include images of new body parts and samples featuring new shouting. all sounds […]

live improvisation with mowgli at vinyl deptford. film and images

the slate pipe banjo draggers performed an improvised no computer set with mowgli won the 4th september at vinyl deptford, as part of the beauty and disgust recording’s electronic netwerk all day event the full set was captured on video and can be watched below photographs of the performance can be seen in the slideshow […]

live audio recording from noise set at cosmic carnage festival, brixton

audio extracted of the slate pipe banjo draggers improvised noise set from a live digital camera recording by zoe plumb is now on soundcloud below. have a listen, yes    

lord mongo and the slate pipe banjo draggers performance footage

below are two films made by nick jordan using the live performance footage from lord mongo and the slate pipe banjo draggers performance of merzmongo and other pieces at the supernormal festival 2016. the first incorporates elements from the original film. live footage filmed by nick jordan and ike goldman.

noise set at cosmic carnage all day festival, brixton

the slate pipe banjo draggers will be performing a no computer noise set in the noise shed at the cosmic carnage all day festival at the windmill in brixton this saturday 13th august. playing early at about 5.30 so i can see the rest of the bands

supernormal festival performance

the slate pipe banjo draggers will be providing a live improvised performance with lord mongo at this year’s supernormal festival, accompanying the films of nick jordan.  a live soundtrack with laptop, joysticks,  acoustic noise making devices, microphones, masks, straw and carpet underlay with film projections of merzmongo and a selection of others.  it will happen […]