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Ongoing Seclusion Pieces

The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers are currently engaged in a series of pieces for the coronavirus lockdown period. These pieces will form an album of currently unknown length and will be added to as the lockdown period continues. The current work in progress can be listened to on Bandcamp here :   ongoing seclusion pieces […]

new river studios 4th march performance

the slate pipe banjo draggers have another full improvised cassette performance at new river studios on march 4th as part of a skronktronic event, curated by artist martin lau. this performance will be be the first cassette performance to incorporate a visual element, using found and self shot super 8 film footage.  

Scaledown tape performances on Bandcamp

Two Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers improvised tape performances recorded at London’s monthly Scaledown event are available to listen and buy on Bandcamp.   twin scaledowns – two live tape musics july 2019 and jan 2020 by the slate pipe banjo draggers  

a number of items of slate pipe banjo draggers late 2019 activity

  Eye Songs 2019 – slate pipe banjo draggers album of music released on recycled cassette and digital is reviewed by Ed Pinsent on the Sound Projector Music Magazine and Radio Show. Many thanks to Ed for his kind words.     Crying Out Nay Shouting At Me by Justin Paton and The Slate Pipe […]

slate pipe banjo draggers mini and micro cassette performance at hundred years gallery

Slate pipe Banjo Draggers improvised mini and micro cassette performance at Hundred Years Gallery, 13.10.19. Kindly filmed by Damian Morillas, many thanks    

Scaledown performance reduced cassette set

The slate pipe banjo draggers will be playing a reduced tape set at the King and Queen in Fitzrovia on Friday 26th July.  Using dictaphones with both 2.5mm and 3.5mm audio outputs and found and prepared mini and micro cassettes. No Walkmans or regular sized cassette tapes involved.  

new artworks in greyness series

two new artworks in the greyness series have recently been completed. they can be seen here and also on the artwork page.  andy rowe contact details here.   title : the greyness #10 – three communications. AMX to Ableton interfacer. (title to explain words that don’t come out of my mouth.) varnished acrylic, found images […]

live recording from hundred years gallery performance

below is a live recording of the slate pipe banjo draggers improvised tape performance at the hundred years gallery as part of the changes exhibition. this performance is occasionally known as the literal descriptive cassette set, it was taken straight from the mixing desk and mixed with a zoom recorder room recording. mixed and mastered […]

film screenings as part of changes exhibition @hundred years gallery

three short films have been selected as part of the changes exhibition at hundred years gallery. hippo birdwings, eagle wing bean cake and goat foot egg grenades will all be shown from 7pm on 13th june, along with film work by other artists in the exhibition, carolin koss, joel morrison and monika tobel. full details […]

manacled baxxen new collaborative work

a new collection of sounds is now available from the manacled baxxen project, the three way collaboration with Manchester’s david bez and lord mongo. you can listen to it here or go to bandcamp. it is available as pay what you like digital edition CLAMOURING FOR WAX by MANACLED BAXXEN