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a number of items of slate pipe banjo draggers late 2019 activity


sound projector

Eye Songs 2019 – slate pipe banjo draggers album of music released on recycled cassette and digital is reviewed by Ed Pinsent on the Sound Projector Music Magazine and Radio Show. Many thanks to Ed for his kind words.



Four pieces of improvised music by the slate pipe banjo draggers in collaboration with Justin Paton are available to be listened to via the Beauty and Disgust netlabel above. A short film made from found Super 8 footage can be watched on vimeo too. The music was made using synthesisers, drum machine, bowed bass, lapsteel guitar, berimbau, harmonica, wooden flute, cassettes, record player and radio.



The Filth of Britain, a track from the 2005 album Seafo od Recip es, has been remixed using mini and microcassettes for 2019. Still featuring the original monologue field recording.



Above is a video made for the November 2019 slate pipe banjo draggers mini and microcassette piece ‘but it was because of ends‘, featuring a variety of dictaphones looking suitably monolithic.


Artworks and detail for three new paintings can be viewed in the gallery above or on the artwork page. All works are acrylic collage with varnish and found objects. Get in touch if you would like to display them in your exhibition.




An interview by Andrew Ciccone for the Navel Gazers Blog about the 2005 slate pipe banjo draggers album Seafo od Recip es can be read and enjoyed here.


Two pieces of music by the slate pipe banjo draggers featuring vocal contributions from Zoe Plum can be listened to and enjoyed above.



Four improvised drone pieces that emerged from a slate pipe banjo draggers session with London based sound artist Raxil4 can be listened to above.




A selection of slate pipe banjo draggers experimental tape music and found recordings have been collected into a playlist for listener enjoyment above.